What santa actually means when he says ho ho ho.
A garden implement and a form of pleasure.
Santa is calling his three magic hoes

I like to hoe the ground on my garden
by DDSavage July 13, 2015
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1: A Whore
2: Slang used in Texas used as a noun (Similar to jawn or joint (Philly and NY))
1 She has sex with everyone! She a Hoe
2 Where is your keys? Oh, I left that hoe in the car
by RWG77 January 08, 2017
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A hoe is a person who puts there money and sex life first.
Where my hoes at!
by M_A April 26, 2019
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A big booty bitch that will fuck all of your friends.
Guy 1. So, how was your weekend

Guy 2. Going fine until the hoe showed up
via giphy
by LittleLaurie April 24, 2020
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