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A gathering of hockey teams usually a great distance away to compete for 1st place. It is the most dreaded time for a hotel. Seeing that hockey is played mostly by teens, havoc surely follows. Havoc includes: destruction of rooms, destruction of pool, innocent people getting hurt, police calls, pranks, elevator shut downs, security patrolling halls, ban from restraunts, locker room destruction, loud music, smeel of equipment, stolen objects, destruction of restraunts, employees made fun of, urine in pool, sauna shut downs, early curfew, and even the rare fire starting.
It sounds crazy but usually only 1 team per hotel do this. So if your at a hotel don't be too worried, just be on the lookout. And plan vacations accordingly to the following, Hockey Tournaments are usually played (ones surrounded by "*" are to be avoided at any costs):
Labor Day Weekend
Presidents Day Weekend
*2nd or 3rd week in March (end of year tournament)*
Guy 1: Want to hang out this weekend?
Guy 2: Sorry, man. I'm off to a hockey tournament.
Guy 1: What are you going to do?
Guy 2: Play hockey and cause havoc in the hotel.
by HockeyChamp September 07, 2009
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