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The only thing men are willing to watch "on ice"
Scenario 1:
Guy1 - "Dude, did you see Disney-On-Ice yesterday? It was awesome!"
Guy2 - "Your a dousche bag..."

Secenario 2:
Guy1 - "Dude did you see the Sabres/Toronto game last night?"
Guy2 - "Hell yeah, Kaleta fucked Kessel's shit up! Did you see his tooth come out? I love hockey fights."
by paintballer4e16 February 04, 2010
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Making the ugly girl your about to have sex with put on a hockey jersey and nothing else. So during you can pull the jersey over her head like in a hockey fight and go to town.
Chase: I heard you slept with that girl with the screwed up nose?

Kyle: Haha ya I didn't notice it, i had a hockey fight with her.
by Fletcher F. Fletcher March 03, 2009
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The act of pulling someone's shirt/sweatshirt over there head before landing an upper cut.
As the fight grew to a climax, Bob yelled hockey fight and decisively ended it as he pulled Jim's sweatshirt over his head and landed an upper cut.
by ebair March 27, 2013
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