someone who lives and breathes hockey. This would be someone who watches, plays, or talks about the act of playing hockey. When they come to school or work the next morning and have pointless discussions about the leafs and the habs and who won last night. They are very passionate about their favourite sport. They will do just about everything to a watch a hockey game, or even get on the ice for a bit of puck.
The Green Men (from Vancouver) They are prime examples of a hockey fan.
by Pablo Sandoval February 10, 2012
a guy or girl who doesn't give a rat's ass about hockey from october to march, but all of a sudden cares about who is in the playoffs once they start. and actually have the nerve to try and contribute to hockey conversations. much similar to posers. nothing pisses off a hockey fan more than someone who "doesnt like hockey" one minute, and sucking hockey's dick once a bluebird flies by the window.
January 7th:
hockey fan: "man did you see the Rangers beat the Flyers last night?"

springtime hockey fan: "no, i dont really watch hockey"

April 9th:
hockey fan:"man i hope the Rangers get a high seeding"

springtime hockey fan "I KNOW RIGHT"

June 10th:
regular fan: "eh, the Rangers are out, but i hope the Penguins win it all"

springtime hockey fan: "no WAY, the Avalanche are SO good"
by Hantuj April 10, 2007
1. A person that becomes a fan after a hockey team wins the Stanley Cup, AND is not, nor ever has been from the city of the winning team.

1. Detroit Redwing fans all over the US and Canada, that are NOT from Detroit and never followed the Wings prior to the Wings recent cup wins! (NOTE: Fans since the "Dead Wing Era - 1967-1997" do not fall in the catagory of bandwagon)

2. The majority of People (but not all people) that cheer for the Redwings in an opposing arena.
by Hockey Beast Man June 15, 2009