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This is a tearm used by us hockey players that describes the smell and scent of our sweat-soked gear. Can be most noticeable when a player opens his equipment bag in the lockerroom and begins to dress up. A few other place's one can smell hockey cologne is when players come out of the lockerroom or when your sitting neer the glass and a group of players get hung-up in the corner and also at home when your drying out your gear.
"Dude, whats that smell?"
"Oh, Thats hockey cologne"
"Hockey cologne? Whats that?"
"The smell of my sweaty hockey gear drying out from lastnights game"
"Wow, it stinks"
"Yeah, We sweat our ass off under all that gear."
by MICHIGAN HOCKEY JOCK April 15, 2008
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The Putrid smell of hockey equipment that would put a skunk to shame but hockey players love
"Oh my god, what's that smell?"

" What? My Hockey Cologne? Smells Great!"
by Hockey Jock February 01, 2017
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