A person who lives like a gypsy going from new relationships, parents, and friends - they never have a place of their own making them a hobosexual.
Me: Well, I kicked Larry out last night. He's got to find a place to stay.
Her: Where's he going to stay?
Me: I don't know, he's never had a place of his own, he just bums off other people.
Her: I didn't know he was a hobosexual
by Siouxsie Supertramp July 09, 2021
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When a bummy ass homosexual 49er or Buffalo Bill fan thinks there team has a chance in hell of being a contender.
Some exhibit trouble spelling the word "yes" and other easy words. All of them would back down when asked to make a wager against an elite team.
"Hey J-yes, lets make a loser leaves bet on the 9er game"

J-yes: "Nah man, my puzzy is irritated. Let me divert attention to something else"

"Man, why you gotta be a Hobosexual about this? Take the bet or stfu"
by Retta S November 22, 2011
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Someone who gets into a relationship so they have a place to live.
He lived with me for two years and didn’t pay any bills; Kerry Sid Watson was a big hobosexual.
by LennyLlama September 03, 2019
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A hobosexual Is a person who dates you with the sole purpose of having a place to stay
Caleb only dated me because he wanted my money and a place to stay what a hobosexual
by Aldaw January 12, 2020
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an insult. or a hobo hoo likes to fuck another hobo. See: team swain
"kim, ur such a hobosexual!"
"i dont like fuck to fuck hobos!"
"no, ur just, a hobosexual! tahts all"
by cassie August 28, 2003
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An individual that is generally attractive, although for what ever reason is homeless, or dresses like a homeless person.

A majority of hipsters identify as this.
"did you see Jake today, he looks like a bloody tramp!"
"Nah mate, he's one of those hobosexuals."
by JakeMcReary April 18, 2016
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