a person who gets turned on by hobo's and anything to do with them.
Hobo-Joe-Bo seems to be a big hit with the hobosexual ladies lately...Hottt Stufff!!
by CloudsOfChlamydia May 31, 2007
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a individual who loves to be sexual with hobos. especially the one that lives by 7-11.
Dude:yo man i heard Erin F. was a hobosexual.
girl: yeeeep. she had sex with the one by 7-11.
dude: sick....
by Mushkaaa! July 10, 2008
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1. A regular person (or hobo) who fraternizes in a manner of sexual varity, with a (another) hobo
"Ren sad sweet hobosexual secks with teh HomoGoat"
"Ren" and "HomoGoat" are both hobos, and are therefore acting in a hobosexual manner.
by HawkEye July 25, 2003
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Someone with a fetish for hobos of the same sex.
Often used as an insult.
Mark: Dude, some being such a hobosexual!
Dave: How many times do I have to tell you, I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANY HOBOS!!!
Hobo: Errruuugh, I'm-a hobo. β™₯
by Sara Saturday September 13, 2008
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A homosexual hodo, or someone gay for a hobo
Jerry: Ehh! those to hobosexuals are haveing butt sex it that Garbage can!
Tom: What a fucking disgrace
by Tom Beotch! December 27, 2006
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People who take advantage of other's poverty to fuck them in more ways than fucking them literally.
Example1: Man did u see him?he asked that poor lady to have sex with him if she needed to be dropped of the bus station..hobosexual!!

Example2: Yeh that lawyer is a real hobosexual, he takes up cases against the poor people who in some way assualt or trouble the rich ones and fuck them bad legally...cuz they cant present their case well as they have no mony to afford a gud lawyer!!
by Horney&Evil November 24, 2009
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