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A jello dessert (usually made with green jello) that has fruit, marshmellows, or any other various treats in it. "Hobos" is used in the title because of the various foods hobos obtain from the public. This dessert is very popular in and derived from Yolo County of Northern California.
Dude, I was chillin at Evie's last night and everyone had hobos green johnson.
by deepfriedoreothing April 19, 2011
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Lime Jello made with any desired combination of water and Everclear. Like a massive jello shot on crack but cheaper. You can even add marshmallows or fruit to the mixture to disguise the Everclear taste even more.
After my Hobos Green Johnson was done setting, I "enhanced" it by pouring more Everclear into it.

Jimmy: What did you do last night?
Mike: Beats the hell out of me, the last thing I remember was eating half a gallon of Hobos Green Johnson...
Jimmy: You idiot, everybody knows you make that with EVERCLEAR, not vodka!
by teamdiscoverychannel September 19, 2017
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