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A legand in Harrison high school new jersey. mostly known as a girl who's face contains much pubic hair, and has severe herpies sores and hemeroids of the mouth and/or asshole. bears a striking resemblence to a wet sewre rat or monkey hence the name, she will gobble your penis with her fingers or dirty moneky claws that have been dipped in her anus and many of her victoms anuses for years. Mostly seen wearing overalls, barefoot, and climbing trees. Signs of this beast approaching: a foul oder, vommitting, chronic Diahhrrea. it learks behind quick check inn the crown bank dumpster.
HOLY SHIT!!! I HAVE DIAHHREA!!! IT MUST BE THE HOBOKEN HAIRY MONKEY MONSTER!!! Quick, throw a crack covered dounut at that bitch! Quickly, throw a comb nd purple hair extensions and pubes!!
by Darius, Iago, Jessie June 11, 2008
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