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The act of three or more hobos huddling together, giving heat to those poor suckers in the middle; not to say the ones on the outside aren't poor too.
Hey Jim and Bob, let's get the hobo heater goin.

Hobo heaters are just as effective as central air.

Fuck, there's only two of us, no Hobo heat.
by C Lit December 06, 2010
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When a large amount of wine or other liquor is consumed in order to heat one's self.
Shit its cold, gonna use the hobo heater (bottle of whiskey)
by Dick McSpanky October 12, 2010
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1. n. a half or whole barrel with fuel, used for warming the hands when lit

2. n. a sexual act involving sexual intercourse in a pile of garbage, while wrapped in newspaper.
1. Jimbo cooked his rat sandwich over the communal hobo heater.

2. Cindy loves hobo heaters, the smell of rotting vegetables gets her more aroused than anything else.
by M. Monroe October 07, 2008
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