When a gentleman of a certain age tries to hit a golf ball but their swing gets stuck at the top and it takes considerable time from the backswing to actually strike the ball.
Man BT really has the Ol Hitch-Shot in his game. It took him like five minutes to even hit the ball. I thought that either his shoulder froze, he had to fart, or he was having a senior moment.
by UpperLowerMgmt March 21, 2011
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To get married
I never thought you'd get hitched. Who's the lucky lady?
by LadyN April 3, 2017
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Hopping from one internet connection to another regularly because your home connection sucks ass
*connection lost*
goddammit... time to go digital hitch-hiking!
*connect to neighbor's internet*
*connection lost*
holy fck
*connect to some random unsecure signal*
thank god...
*connection lost*
by fckncomcast April 20, 2011
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