His infernal majesty is a whole defferent band see example if u think i'm wrong
What does HIM stand for?
- Ville's comments on this issue (from Soundi 6-7/2001):

Well, sometimes I wish that we’d picked other name for the band than HIM. The name constantly pisses me off. It’s utterly terrible! HIM! The upside is that it doesn’t actually mean anything, there are just three letters which are pronounced similarily in basically every language. It’s practical.

In almost every interview someone asks what does HIM stand for. I can’t even remember our latest lie about that. When Hanson was hot, we said it means Hanson Is Murder. The name doesn’t have a particular history. His Infernal Majesty was a totally different band. I think HIM derives from some death metal joke. And it was our protest to Haile Selassie’s rastafarian religion, he used to be called His Imperial Majesty. But nowadays because of Linde’s hair, we actually might be supporting him.
by termite March 17, 2004
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