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A self-proclaimed sect of hipsterdom in which the individual recognizes he or she is a hipster with an almost aristocratic air hanging over them. Rather than rejecting the title of hipster, they accept it but seek to distinguish themselves from the broey bastardized hipsters that tend to birth out of frat houses. Characterized by a superior taste in music that encompasses a broad spectrum of genres that range from folk to variants of house. They avoid shameless wobbles known as American dubstep at all costs and love IPAs/home brewed alcohol.
Hipster Bro: Yo I just nabbed tickets to Skrillex & Avicii I got my neon bro tank all ready to RAVE!

*sips natti ice*

Hipstercrat: That shit is an auditory nightmare! Listen to some Claude Vonstroke and grow a beard for fuck's sake.

*sips home brew*
by DandyLeon December 12, 2012
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