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Annual celebration held the Friday before the US Thanksgiving. Typical food and drink include turkey cooked in any fashion that does away with the oven, side dishes served in thrift store crockery, and low price craft beer. Festivities include music played by any instrument as long as it is accompanied by an individual playing an instrument fashioned from a recycled container (jug, coffee can, etc.).

The origin of the holiday is thought to be an accommodation of college students, who comprise a large portion of the hipster population, such that they could celebrate together before returning to their mainstream families during the ensuing weeklong semester break.
Joe: "What are you doing with that oil drum?"
Ralph: "I'm using it to deep fry the Hipster Thanksgiving bird. Then I'll repurpose it into a steel drum for the evening's music, so that I'm not wasting earth's resources buying mass produced percussive instruments"
by HipsterJoe October 01, 2013
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