A social disorder involving ridiculous habits of dress associated with solely with Hipsters, examples include goofy sunglasses, nut-hugger jeans, and shirts with images of food on them. Hipster Irony leaves the victim mentally incapable of determining how stupid they look. Side Effects include snide attitudes, bad taste in music, a predisposition for shitty beer, and a complete lack of the motor skills used to part ones hair. Hipster Irony is also extremely contagious and outbreaks have been reported at malls across America.
"I told that Hipster his bright red pants and white sunglasses made him look like the village idiot, and he responded, 'I Know', and smiled. Must be another victim of Hipster Irony."
by Gavriel.Discordia June 7, 2016
The purposeful irony presented by a hipster upon first glance or through deeper investigation, such as conversation. For example, only a hipster would wear a t-shirt that reads: "I'm NOT a Hipster. Believe me." It is also ironic that what hipsters deem as "cool" (or "deck," in hipster talk) is not really deck, but is approved only by members of that group.
Examples of hipster irony include iconic spectator glasses frames, a "casual" but "I'm not trying that hard to be casual" look, bedhead hair, and/or the century-old handlebar mustache comeback "look." Another example: Hipsters listen to music that they admit is crappy but that the band never "sold out." This could then be the topic of a very long discussion.
by annayellabanana September 20, 2013