Someone who wants to help the world, but ends up just smoking weed and tripping on acid. Includes college know-it-all hippie, giggling stoners, drum-circlers, and well dwellers. Cannot stand Slayer. John Lennon is often referred to as the King Of Hippies. The only cool hippie was Jimi Hendrix.
by Screw Hippies, Love Metal October 10, 2010
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a moniker'nickname' for a point in time in someones life when they decide for themselves to think more at home on earth feeling, usually with a drive to enjoy living the days of life as well/content as possible and living life as how they may want to live to acheive full happiness, Usually a freethinking, naturalist type, many do not indulge on living as modern society does, some enjoy nature for all its beauty, some may enjoy music for the sake of music and its beauty,some enjoy various artforms and may express themselves in various creative ways such as music drawing painting poetry etc. Are usually content with life as it stands and most seem to be happy or content even when lifes up and dows can get you down, in other words hippie can be what ever you want it to be , you arent limited to a set of instructions, just in all reality, tapping into our actual self and not what society makes us think we are.
the kid with the tye dye and hemp brace/necklaces isnt necessarily a hippie
by nate larson September 20, 2007
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a new age term used for the post-beatnik culture that rose to popularity in the mid-sixeties to combat reactionary cultures with peacful protesting and a "back to the earth" lifestyle.
Those hippies dirtied my bathroom
Those hippies gave me some good free food
by Brian February 28, 2004
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A term which originated in the 60s...not the 70s...for any long-haired "freaky" person who dared to express themselves.
A term that right-wing assholes use when describing someone who a)smokes pot, b)protests and demonstrates against unjust acts or c)is an environmentalist.
I am a hippie.
by katy March 23, 2004
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Happy Intelligent Person Perpetuating Interpersonal Existentialism!

One that embraces the ideals of those from the 60s and 70's with an eye toward sustainable living. A hippie is someone that is able to rise above the stereotype to show that they are smart, ambitious in one way or another and embraces green technology, sustainability and realizes that war is not the answer.

Definition was born out of creativity and my distain for being labeled so stereotypically.
That H.I.P.P.I.E. gave me some totally awesome free vegan food!

That hippie has totally changed my views on what is and is not working for me and this country!
by JaySFBay May 07, 2011
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Non-conformists who support liberal ideals such as peace, civil rights, environmental awareness, government transparency, consumer protections, justice, and awareness about corporate and political corruption. Besides being largely a group of activists, they tend to represent and be comprised of common, working class people, artists, educators and philosophers who feel that their activism is an important civic duty, which is every citizen's responsibility to do. During the 1960s and 70s, they were associated with such things as far out music that had meaning and soul, tie-dye, flowers (the term "flower child"), laid back attitudes (in order to offset their strong sense of responsibility,) pot smoking (but not all hippies liked or used it,) long hair as an expression of non-conformity, and as a statement against conventionalism, and blind/thoughtless adherence to to arbitrary rules and societal norms, and yes.... a badass friggin guitarist- with enormous friggin balls who revolutionalized the electric guitar- by the name of Jimi Hendrix. (✿◠‿◠)✌☮

Some accomplishments of the hippie movement of the '60s and '70s:

-Advanced women's rights
-Upheld consumer protections
-Raised environmental awareness
-Promoted racial diversity
-Improved government transparency (at least temporarily)
-Raised awareness about corporate corruption
-Pushed forward many laws regarding poverty
-Helped end the Veitnam War
-Furthered the cause of peace
-Produced a WHOLE lot of groovy music
"She felt flattered when mean-spirited conservatives would call her a hippie as if it was some kind of insult, and thought to herself, 'well then I must be doing something right.'" (✿◠‿◠)✌☮
by SugarPower June 29, 2014
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