A hippie is a non-conformist who believes that peace and love come first, everyone should be free, life should be ecstasy and fun all the time, they are very deep people, hippies are kindhearted, they use psychedelic hallucinations like LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Mescaline and Marijuana to alter their conciousness and reveal things to them. Hippies wear whatever they want, they do whatever they want. They can do backflips down the street in front of other hippies and they won't look at them like theyre weed. Hippies also protest for what they believe and adopt habits or lifestyles like vegetarianism, new age and eastern religion, etc.
That hippie was fried on those mushrooms.
The hippie chick gave me a flower
by tayup February 16, 2011
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One who
• Is open to all cultures
• Promotes peace, love, and the conservation of nature
• Does drugs such as weed, shrooms, and acid
• Dresses in very unique style
That girl is so caring and open minded. She must be a hippie.

That dude is always high, and look at the cool clothes he wears. I think he's a hippie.
by raine328 April 09, 2017
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A bunch of ideological nutjobs. These people believed in a utopian version of the world where there would be no war and no violence, completely disregarding evolutionary psychology and man's intrinsic desire to acquire more power and prestige.

The people who got Nixon elected. People were fed up with the riots and outlandishness of Hippies, so they elected Nixon. By helping get Nixon elected, they indirectly made the drugs they loved so much illegal and spurred on the War on Drugs.
The people who claim credit for movements that they had nothing to do with. The women's lib movement actually started when women worked in the factories during WWII, and the black power movement has roots in Truman desegregating the military.

The people who protested the Vietnam War but didn't end it. Walter Cronkite had more to do with the ending of the Vietnam War because people trusted Cronkite more than Hippies. Ironically enough, the anti-war movement started when they started sending white middle class college students to fight the NVA, because it's alright when poor blacks and Latinos are getting sent off to the jungles to die but not whites.
The people who later became teabaggers. The teabaggers largely are comprised of former Hippies who are hitting their midlife crisis, so they're trying to recapture their youth by holding signs of Obama as an African witch doctor.
Guy 1: "Did you see those Hippies that got shot at Kent State?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, they called it a massacre but I would hardly classify 4 people dying as a massacre."
by nbakuchev June 05, 2010
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