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the most amazing awesome crazy fun any group of friends can have when consumed with utter boredom. The signs of a succcessful Hippie Night are: excessive snuggling, good homecooked food, mild nudity, plethora of laughter, abundance of randomsess, effervescence, great - if obscure - music, learning random facts about your friends, fitting a million people in one bed, total lack of personal space, and just having a great time.
Sam: " do you guys remember last Hippie Night when Jarod was on my lap?"

Shy: "Yeah, i vibrated his crotch a few times!"

Cody: "Yeah, i repeated that crap"

Jarod: "thanks guys, now my innocence is lost forever!!!!"

Robbie: " that was fucking retarded!"

Sarah: "shut up Hippie, dont say that word!"

Robbie: " what word?"

Sarah: "retarded."

Shy: " i still want that bottle of Jarod's innocence!!"
by RobertoShyJaroldCodeSame December 12, 2009
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