A second rate, badly designed wood burning stove made of too thin metal and with bad castings and welds. A classic method for back to the landers with more desire to live the natural life than money to get outfitted properly to get burned out of their funky hovels.
The Flower Kids were living in the back forty but their hippie killer blew up and torched their shack
by Richardson Tower June 2, 2009
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1.) A slang term for barbers who do not cut long hair.

2.) A slang term used by barbers to descibe a service involving cutting long hair and beard to create a more conservative look.
1.) If you want long surfer hair don't go to that barber, he's a hippie killer

2.) John had an interview coming up so I gave him the ol' hippie killer.
by xxforeverxgoldxx June 13, 2016
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A piece of glass or other sharp object found on the ground in a naural setting. Since hippies have the tendancy to walk around bare-foot, these objects readily spread tetanus or at least "really harsh their buzz."
Someone threw a beer bottle into the campfire, leaving a few nice hippie killers behind.
by keith someone else May 22, 2007
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Any motorized farm implement that is capable of entangling bell bottom pants and maiming or killing the person wearing them.
That tractor is a real hippie killer. Those wheels are about to snatch him right out of that seat.
by jukeboxhero77 October 11, 2021
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