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Heterosexual anal intercourse. To be distinguished from 'Punjabi Sex' (homosexual anal copulation).
Based on the deep-rooted historical prevalence of bisexuality throughout the Hindi belt, in contrast to
the largely sodomitic Punjab. Thus, Prakrit-Sanskrit sexological works attest to the popularity of the
Irish Way across North India right from the Puranic Dark Ages:

"The inhabitants of Kuru (Panjab) prefer anal intercourse ... Those from Madhyadeśa {Madhya Pradesh}
are restrained & sexually weak & only attain culmination by anal means. The men & women of Pañchāla
{Awadh} are experts in the art of unnatural love, & cannot attain satisfaction except by maukhya & anal
means, & artificial aids. The women of Kosala (Uttar Pradesh) {Bihar} also like artificial aids to be
used by their men who are not satisfactory lovers." ('The Hindu World' 2 vols. Benjamin Walker. London:
Allen & Unwin, 1968, v 2, p 201)

The continuing pervasiveness of bisexuality throughout N India down to the present post-colonial age
is reflected in 'Chaklet' by Ugra or Pandey Bechan Sharma (Calcutta: Tandon Bros, 1953, 3rd ed).

The reason us Hindustani men & women prefer 'Gaand Chudai' is the small size of the North Indian
Penis, which can both receive & provide gratifying friction only inside the tight & dry anus. Hence, our
Hindi womenfolk typically restrict us 'Ganges Worms' to anal sex & resort to Dalit-Dravidian men &
their 'Andhra Black Cobras' for vaginal orgasms.
1) The Protestant British record that "The Northern Indians are far more often homosexual than the
Southerners ..." ('The Reluctant Major' David Atkins. Pulborough, UK: Toat Press, 1986, p.13) The
deep-seated nature of North Indian bisexuality is reflected in numerous Anglo-Indian works. A prominent
example is 'Hindoo Holiday' by J R Ackerley (London: Chatto & Windus, 1952), a true story exposing
Hindustani Sex (ie. homo- & bisexuality) at the court of the Raja of 'Chhokrapur' - a euphemism for a
city in Bundelkhand or Rajasthan. A further example is Paul Scott's 'Raj Quartet'.

2) Records of the British Raj reveal the clear association of bisexuality with the North Indians, who
are termed 'Hindustanis' or 'Calcuttiyas' in colonialist sources: "The documentary sources {of the Indian
Diaspora} refer to homosexuality as an 'unnatural crime' but provide few statistics. However, when the
'crime' itself is mentioned it is often associated with the North Indians (Calcuttiyas) rather than
with the Tamils (Madrasis)." ('The literature of the Indian diaspora: theorizing the diasporic
imaginary' Vijay Mishra. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis, p.86)

3) "... Lucknow ... an emblem both of pleasure & of homosexuality" 'The Many Colours of Love' In:
'Gandhi's Tiger & Sita's Smile: Essays on Gender, Sexuality & Culture' Ruth Vanita. N Delhi: Yoda Press,
p 199.

4) "Hindustani jig: Anal intercourse. ... See Also: jiggery pokery." -
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