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A moment where you get into deep conversation with someone (often times someone you haven't talked to in a while, like an old best friend, ex boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe even a best friend who you need to talk to), and you talk about life, and what has been going on. Often times there are long silences and it feels like there should be a song playing in the background.

Also known as a Laguna Beach Moment.

An example of this is when someone meets up with an old friend they haven't talked to in a while (perhaps at a coffee joint or a restaurant, or even at their apartment) and they meet up and talk about things and maybe even talk about being friends again, that's a Hills moment.
"Yeah, we met up and it was totally a Hills moment."
by Sean Giachetti December 12, 2007
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When a bunch of people are talking, then all of a sudden the conversation stops , and the people start staring around, twisting, or eating thier hair.
Candy: So was like, you can't take my Lanvin clutch,

and she just tottaly took it.
Kylie: (Utter disbelief) She did??
Candy: Yeah, so I'm suing.
(Convo comes to a stop)
(5 minutes later)
Kylie: I love cheese......
(that's a hills moment)
by Movie girl May 24, 2010
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