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The Hamlet of Magnetawan, Ontario Population 300. Locals such as Jimmy, pride themselves by knowing Hill & Gully is situated in their hamlet, and not yours. Consists of a Hill and a Gully and connects to Petes Hill Road. Hill and Gully is home to the HGPD (Hill & Gully Police Department, HGFD (Hill & Gully Fire Department) and HGEMS (Hill & Gully Emergency Medical Services).
Gangsta #1-Yo playa wha chu sayin dis weekend?
Gangsta #2-I dun kno nigga probably reachin Hill & Gully, I hear there is fine girlz at the Magnetawan Harbour Inn.
Gangsta #1- Aight Nigga lets reach.
Gangsta #2- CHEA!
by Hill & Gully August 20, 2006
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