Hilary Keller (n) An Engineer of Chemistry; Neurotransmission Research, Mathematics, and Physics, and Contributing Data to Aberrant Genetics & Genomic Studies.

Hilary Keller is from Northern California; a former model, and abstract photographer. She is born August 3, 1986

Hilary Keller dreams of being published for her original Neuroscience Research.

Hilary Keller also goes by 'SmallHours' or 'SmallHoursPhoto'

Hilary Keller's has extensive experience in Clinical Trials and Experimental Drug Studies
HilaryKeller—eye color is green, height 5'6, and loves Music, NASA, the idyllic American Dream, Reading, the numbers 0, 3, 6, 9, 44, and hates the number 5 and doesn't understand the reason for loops or circles when you can be a prism or a sapphire.
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