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Highland Illinois is a small town in the metro area near East St. Louis where there are mostly racist inbreds. Students sometimes prefer to drive their tractors to school instead of cars and they wear camoflauge everywhere. At basketball games against rival schools Highland decides to wear all camoflauge to sport how cornfed their town is. Highland High School students are the most unoriginal because they steal chants and ideas from neighboring districts and their cheerleaders wear the sluttiest bits of clothing the school could find. The only good thing about their high school is that they have iMacs. Highland is full of slutty women and crack dealers and average people in highland are drunk by the age of 13. If you're looking for something to do, you're out of luck because theres hardly anything to do besides kick it at Mcdonalds. Want STD's? Come to Highland. The town itself has no real nice houses, just old homes that have been around for years, or homes that are in the midst of a corn crop. The few nice houses that are in highland are owned by the more normal few people in the area. If you are black, asian, hispanic, or any other race, stay out of this town. You will be abused by the KKK. Need a job? Little Ceasars is always hiring. Highland is just an all around hick-town where no one wants to be.
Laquisha: Hey, is there church's in Highland, Illinois?
Daniel: HELL NO. You cant go to highland or your ass will be hanging from a tree.
Laquisha: Oh, okay.. let's go to Collinsville.
by JackDanielssoundsgood. May 14, 2012
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