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Highland High School is located in Highland, Indiana. You probably would have never guessed that.. It is also the place where you will find trashy kids. You walk through the halls and all you see is : trailer trash, sluts (most common), bitches, and kids that think they are cool because their parents have money. The other most common student you will find here are the 'wanna be gangsters'. They are the ones you can spot a mile away because they have to waddle like penguins in order to keep their pants at their knees, ( God forbid their pants be at their waists). Highland High School is also full of rude, ignorant, perverted teachers. Most of the teachers can give two shits about the kids. Overall, Highland High is a horrible place and you should never send your kids there if you want them to have a chance to develop into half way decent adults.
Highland High School Girls: "omg i hate drama!" "omg, like me too. " <----- THEY START THE MOST DRAMA.

Highland High School Guys : "lets smoke pot and fuck bitches because we are cool as fuck. " "yeah, and lets call all the girls nasty but fuck all of them anyways" <------ DIRTY ASSES
by Highland High January 04, 2013
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Highland High School is a high school in Salt Lake City, Utah. The girls are snakes and the boys are players. 0/10 would recommend.
Highland High School is the worst.
by anonymoushighschooler September 02, 2018
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Highland is a suburban public school, located in Medina, OH. The students who go here are predominantly white, fairly wealthy, and smart. Don't let stereotypes get you down, though. Highland for the most part is filled with kind and giving families who strive for success in their community. There are three different townships located in the Highland Area: Hinckley, Sharon, and Granger. Although it is in a rural area, the district is filled with various country clubs, parks, and of course the local Sheetz. If students are looking for a night out on the town, there are many malls, cinemas, and nice restaurants in the neighboring cities of Medina and Fairlawn.

At Highland, academic success is a dominant factor. The school is big on the Arts, particularly the choral program. Sports are also a great social activity. Highland is known for breeding great wrestlers. They also have a fairly good golf and tennis team, as well as a strong soccer program. The school recently started a Rugby team, and is hoping to start a Swim and Lacrosse team as well.

Although many outsiders see Highland as a school for Snobby, Rich, and Preppy people, you have to get to know us before you can judge.
Person 1: Hey, I might transfer to Highland High School next year.

Person 2: What, do you want to be labeled as a snobby rich kid? You know thats all there is over there.

Person 1: No, not at all. I am going to Highland to better improve my academic achievement, and most kids I've met there are really nice!
by Country Clubber August 17, 2011
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A school located in Salt Lake City Utah, everyone here is very unique and different. This is what makes Highland so cool. You will make hundreds of AMAZING memories here, you will also meet life long besties. Although you may feel down at highland sometimes there is always someone there for you! GO RAMS
I switched from Olympus high school to Highland High school because the people are better!!
by Cheerleader123567 September 11, 2018
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also known as Hoeland is a high school in Palmdale, CA. They have had the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the Antelope Valley for as long as anyone can remember.
A: our football team is playing Highland High School on friday night.

B: you mean Hoeland. careful not to touch'll get Chlamydia.
by rahzel shorter September 19, 2017
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