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At first it may appear that highfields is a prison or a power station but it is infact a secondary school çontructed in matlock, derbyshire in the 1980's. This austere and tragic mess of chewing gum and breeze blocks provides the ideal containment environment for the assorment of morally devoid educationally malnurited, ugg boot wearing, teen pregnancy enducing ragamuffins shaped within its walls. Some of them may hope to eventually escape as far afield as chezzy college, or to the greener pastures of the university of Derby. Presiding over this variety of muppets are an eclectic bunch of paedophiles, perverts, rapant homosexuals and borderline sociopaths. There only task is to ensure the streets of matlock are atleast safe to walk between 9 and 5 during term time. Atleast it has a better rugby team, aproachable girls and far better grades than lady manners. Oomphh.
I spent my childhood at Highfield's School, now I'm a brick layer in darley dale, With a porn addiction and an alchohol depéndancy.' Pissed up kev
by pissed up kev March 24, 2012
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