The third tier in the school system.

Tier one: Elementary School
Tier two: Middle School
Tier three: High School <----- YOU ARE HERE
Bayside High School
Benjamin N. Cardozo High School
Francis Lewis High School
Martin Van Buren High School
Queens High School of Teaching

These are examples of high schools in Queens, NY
by teh5abiking December 14, 2010
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A place where everyone picked on me even though I never said a word full of assholes.
Im homeschooled now for free thank god I have social anxiety. I learn alot more than I did in high school and its only 3 hours a week.

Preppy little fag 1: look its stoner steve he doesnt say anything because he is a vegtable
Another fag: no hes just crazy PSYCHOSTEVE!!!!!
by homeschooling kicks ass October 31, 2004
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make friends with maryjane and alcohol and it will just be a blur
i dont remember highschool it was just a blur, i was way to fucked up to remember
by smokey July 26, 2003
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a place where all kids have to go built by fags and made by fags, so the government can control your mind through teachers, guidance counselors, etc.Most kids start high school at age 14 right out of 8th grade and stay there unitl you turn 18. What you do outside of high school effects what you do in high school for some gay reason. not to mention the fact that everyone is trying to find friends that arent douchebags and trying not to get your ass kicked everyday. Getting a girlfriend or boyfriend is seemingly impossible to you but it seems like everyone has one. also kids you dont even know make fun of you and judge you to make themselves look less of a faggot than they already are.
8thgrader: oh dude i cant wait to start high school!!!
me: fuck u u little douchebag you gonna get your ass kicked by seniors everyday.
by matt to the o October 29, 2007
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Theres two kinds of people in highschool, Kids who hide their home life at school, and kids who hide their school life at home. Wich one are you ?
Highschool can suck somtimes.
by Niggerdamus August 29, 2006
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No, they were not all created around 1960. mine was created in 1906. and no, you are not required to attend high school until you are 18. You may drop out when you are 16.
but good definitions.
i aplaud your efforts
High School. mmm tasty.
by Arielle December 22, 2005
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