Orignally high school was ment to be a place for kids to start getting high. However, drug criminalization and political correctness stopped this institution from keeping it's true goal. So now, high schools are ran by people who claim that high school is a place of learning. However, this is a false statement. I don't think anyone actually believes that.
I hate high school. Junior high was less intense. (JK of course.)
by Celestasia May 08, 2005
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High School is an utterly useless step in life that just gets us from eigth grade to college. There is absolutely no point to it, except to torture teenagers.
Most kids learn absolutely nothing new in high school. It just gets them to college.
by iwishiwasincollegealready! February 24, 2010
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A really shitty place with preps who think that they own the whole world, who are good at sports, and suck up to teachers such to get good grades. Also usually contains about 50% of the girls will get pregant and be forced to drop out.
This High School has so many pregant teenager.
by Levi Norman February 08, 2005
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A place where people think that they are different from everybody else so they try to stereotype everyone into worthless catagories like "goths" and "skaters" or "preps" where in reality everyone in there is the same; trapped in a place where pain and misery get trapped in there and float around like pollen and everyone breaths it in like oxygen. Everyone has pain even the "preps"(even though they manage to have an anicdote; just wear the most expensive clothes and make sure that daddy buys you the most expensive car and the pain goes away!!!!)
You think my ass looks fat well...........go burn in High School!!!!!
by ANGEL CARSON April 24, 2004
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Highschool is an intermediary between elementary school and college. In the US, it is essentially a federally funded daycare and provides as much of an education as prison provides rehabilitation.
Susie: Daddy, read me a story.

Dad: Uh, daddy can't read.

Susie: Why not, daddy?

Dad: because daddy's highschool didn't think it was odd that he couldn't read or write. They also didn't think it was worth the trouble to fail him if he didn't learn.
by Bill K. February 02, 2007
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In England and wales a crappy place you are forced to attened from the ages of 11-16 but soon to be raised to 18,Most built after the war around 1950 and later extended however the window a single pane. Mould grows on the window sill there heaters that work in the summer and fans that work in the winter. Meals are a slop of veg and fake meat and because of Jamie Oliver all we can eat is fruit and veg. No chips no fizz pop, the walls are full of asbestos and the recorce are 15 years out of date, we are made to use computer that are so slow that i could count all 1,500 kid in the school before it logged on (by the way the schools are on fit for 800 kids) thats my school in the town of dewsbury (one of the poorest town in the uk) but further up north there schools are almost as good as priviet schools by the way we dont all live in london or know the queen so dont even think that (there are some of u that are acualy eduacted and realise that the uk is the size of texas (maybe a bit larger) so how are all 60,000,000 going to know the queen
Person 1;"Ha look the gyms leaning again"
Person 2;"I'll tell sir he will put some selotape on it"
Person 1;"The whole high schools fixed together with selloptape and glue"
by mem meme July 26, 2008
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