a place the government puts teenagers between the ages of 14-18 all day and dont expect them to want to blow that son of a bitch up!!
highschool suckz.... everyone get the fuck down im blowin this bitch up.
by lilckc January 02, 2008
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high school is the most boring thing ever invented... i have no clue who once thought it was a good idea!?
1: hey dude lets go to school
2: what school?
1: high school
2: hell no! thats bullshit!
by dropped-out! January 13, 2005
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High school is where teenagers try constantly to try and fit in, knowing that some day their life will get better... hopefully. Parents are constantly saying that high school is the BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE. When in reality... it's the worst.

When your in high school, you're...
1. Trying to hook up. Yes, that means sex.

2. Trying to fit into the "popular" group. The only thing the popular group is, is bitchy. How fun.

3. Trying to stay awake in classes, you don't care about.

4. Trying to "pass".

5. Trying to survive.

6. Not to get involved with drugs, and smoking.

Preps, jocks, nerds, goths, greasy haired kids, the list could go on.

Technically, survival of the fittest.
by Love your smile November 05, 2010
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1. A place with many people aged 13-18.

2. A place where adults believe we are learning.
3. A place where you can climb the social ladder. (Maybe.)
4. A place where adults believe we are being prepared for the real world. (Although ironically enough Gr. 7 & 8 are spent preparing for high school.)
5. A pointless, government funded place of torture.
Josh: High school sucks
Every Teen In The World: Amen!!!!
by that's good October 22, 2009
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a four year test of how much bullshit you can put up with.

unfortunately this an apropriate way to prepare for this word of bullshit we all live in
everyone in high school pretends like their time there will actually amount to something other than a piece of paper when you graduate
by DJ BJ SF January 14, 2012
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a place where a bunch of white ass prep girls and guys who think that their better than everyone else just because they have more friends or money than people and the principals and teachers don't fucking bother at all because their worried about the black or latin people....The only place where racism is allowed.
(prep/jock)rich people who think that their better than everyone else....some are alright
(punk) wannabe goths
(goths) people who are really into heavy metal and the color black
("gangster") people who are into rap and shit like that, who don't really care
(wangster) people who try too hard to be gangsterish...usually consits of white peole
(geeks/dorks/nerds/ect.) people who get made fun of just because they are the smartes in the class....are into pokemone, yu-gi-oh, everquest/ shit like that
("cool people") are the people that everyone thinks is cool but when it comes down to it there just like the preps.
(unkowns) people who don't give a fuck for reals, they could care less what your social status you are labled under. they just like to kickback with their friends and get their shit taken care of...
by pablo January 09, 2005
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