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A very tight group of people who do everything in High School as a large group. Most of them have stayed together since Middle School, so any outsiders are not welcome.

While this group focuses a lot on the art of meaningless conversation, most of their social lives and daily planning revolves around Facebook or Myspace. That is where their stupid little fads or inside jokes start, and where they eventually are laid down to rest a week later, only to be revived by some dumbass during a lunch period 4 months later.

Also, over 2/3 of the group are usually girls, and will often back out of normal conversations with guys to have side conversations with their "girl friends". Don't worry if you observe this behavior, it is perfectly normal". They also claim to hate dating and boys, but they facebook fish on their statuses about a mysterious infatuation.

Despite all of this, not all of them are pompous assholes, and are more sociable and talkative as individuals rather than a large group. If you are lucky, they will accept you for who you are. But if you don't fit into their cookie cutter, they will cast you out, and you will join the rest of the kids who dislike them.

It's one of the most irritating High School groups, but it keeps the other annoying groups in check.
High School Socialites - You either love them or hate them
by l1011tristar17 February 09, 2010
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