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It's like this; When you go to school and seeing someone where something that they CLEARLY should not even attempt, because you know that person, and that person would never wear that. That my friend, is when the fashion poser comes in effect. They all wear whatever is hip, or "the fab" at the time. Even if it was a part of another style's fashion, it doesn't matter to them. It's not cool until the "cool" kids copy another group's fashion.

1) Guy Harvey:
Oh Guy freaking Harvey. I hope you know half of the people who wear your shirts don't even fish... Or have any idea what tackle even is. To sum it all up. They all just pretend to fish. Props to the original kids/adults who actually DO FISH.

2) Skinny Jeans on GUYS
I know I was made fun of in middle school wearing them, because at the time only girls did. Well what now?! All of a sudden it's "cool" to wear them. Well considering that I wore it before it was cool and how it was okay for people to make fun of me back then. I'd say it's all the boys who were jealous of the Jonas Bros and Bieber.

Can't spell Hollister without "Ho"
'Nough said.
by mynameiship September 27, 2010
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