If you ever meet a girl named hiba she will be the best person you could ever meet in your life. She is a kind, sweet, caring, and compassionate woman with un matched beauty. Although if you mess with hiba she will kick your ass!!! She is not afraid to fight those who pick on her family and friends.

In summary hiba is an amazing woman. The best in the world. She will make you happy no matter what. So if you meet a woman names hiba NEVER LET HER GO.
(Billy)Have you met hiba?

(Guissepe)Yeah she is so sweet and caring!

(Sir winifred of westminstershire)And beautiful!

(All in unison) Absolutely!
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It's hib not hibv
by Ressay November 22, 2021
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Hiba is beautiful inside and out, she smiles a lot. She is emotional, and very strong. She loves her friends, but her family and religion the most. She is very sweet and loving. Make sure to never lose Hiba.
Girl 1: Omg look at that girl her smile is so beautiful
Girl 2: That must be Hiba😍
by baddestbjcs April 10, 2022
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Hiba’s are such a sweet and amazing person, they’re always there when you need them and will support you whenever. They are also very unique, and pretty. They have such a kind and amazing humour, be lucky to have a girlfriend like her or a friend like her, don’t talk s**** behind her back , she bites easily.
by helloidk July 22, 2021
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A person who eats her sloth husband and has the maturity of a fetus chimp. Hiba however has a wild side - being attracted to fish tanks and light fixtures. Hibas can typically be found hunched over in a dark cave or playing DND and screaming into the abyss. Don't provoke a Hiba though, they can be dangerous.
"Wow what is that?"

"Be careful, that's a Hiba, walk away slowly..."
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Damn that hiba is thicc
by MusiCraze January 24, 2022
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