Subjects of man-on-the-street interviews sometimes give Heywood Jablome as their name to reporters. If the reporter's a novice and if the newspaper's copy editor doesn't catch it, the name ends up in print, embarrassing the newspaper and the poor scribe who was gullible enough to scribble down the bogus moniker.
Reporter: Can I quote you on that? What's your name?
Man on the Street: Heywood Jablome.
Reporter: Thank you, Mr. Jablome.
by Hatchback February 12, 2005
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a guy you ask for when you make a crank call
"KMart. Can I help you?"
"My friend Heywood is at your store. Can you page him? His last name is Jablome."
"Heywood Jablome! Phone call! Heywood Jablome!"
by Paul Thundergod July 21, 2003
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One of those fake names used during Prank Calls like Ben Dover. Stands for "Hey, would ya blow me?" Means Blowjob.
Officer: Sir, you are under arrest for possession of two tons of marijuana in your pants. May I have your name?
Guy: Uh... Heywood Jablome?
Whore across the street: Of course, honey! I'll be right over!
by Junkyard Squirrel July 28, 2010
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i actually met a guy named Haywood Jablomi. He's an older dude, maybe in his mid-50s, lives west of Chicago. What the hell his parents were thinking naming him Haywood I don't know. He said he's used to the jokes about his name by now, although he doesn't like them, he won't change his name. But his friends call him Woody.
by ciotog September 18, 2003
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a name given to hide a persons true identity
man walks up to a gal she asks whats your name he says jablome , heywood jablome
by steve meister June 21, 2004
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A covert name given; see ben dover.
Police dragging some dude off to jail for protesting... Reporter says, "What's your name?"
Guy in cuffs replies, "Heywood...Jablome."
Reporter: "Is there a W in Jablome?"
Arestee: "Umm, no."
by Jay-dogg May 16, 2003
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