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Kind of like a cream pie, but def gone bad. Typical for backdoor action where a girl can't control her rump and the man can't control his squirting stump. Derived from the term "Driving Down the Hershey Highway". This situation has been documented in the annuls(hehe annuls..) of Tucker Max blog history(see Google: Tucker Max Anal Sex Story). Although it should be noted that the consistency of said story was hardly Hershey material and lacking the nutty grotesqueness that is the Hershey Pie.
Mary finally let Derrel drive down her hershey highway which Derrel had affectionately termed the 'Ass-o-buan'. Litttle did he know she had saved him some Hershey Pie for desert and only needed one ingredient to finally serve.
by TheKlaw69er August 30, 2010
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