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When you are about to fall asleep, and you roll over sliding your member inside a girl's butt to hibernate for the night.
After a long day of grazing the pastures, Horsey decided to end his night with a nice glass of merlot and a hershey bear.
by Macaca Gray July 13, 2009
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While a man receives a lazy, (oral sex while still wearing underwear) he sharts in his underwear. After the receiver of this blow job ejaculates, he procceds to take off his soiled underwear and then stuffs it in the giver of the blow job's mouth. The blow job giver starts to make bear noises as they try to spit out the shit stained undies.
I got this insane lazy last night but it was right after I ate a bunch of beans and apple sauce. I sharted a little which put me in the perfect position to pull off a Hershey Bear. You should've heard the bitch when I stuffed my shitty underwear in her mouth. She was all like, "rawrrrr rwaaaaarrrr!"
by Joseph Q Poon July 13, 2012
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the greatest hockey team in the ahl, with a record 9 calder cups...(tied with the old cleveland barons)
the hershey bears will win the cup again next year
by bearsguy August 26, 2006
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