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He was the hottest, the sexiest guy I had ever seen with the cutest most mischievous smile. I couldn't give it up after our first date. So when he dropped me off, at the end of the evening, I had the biggest Hershel.
by Shoshanna July 01, 2009
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A Mean, Liguine, little Bastard that Makes allot of Money, But Never gives it to Anyone.
Gets Divorced, Then Doesnt give his Other kids Money!
A bad case of Diarrea. (Smelly!)
Has allot of Kids.
"That Hershel is a Hershel, I Hate That Lying Piece of Crap! Wouldnt Give my Kids School Clothes Money!"
by Vicky Golden October 18, 2013
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a big obese person who smells like crap and plays star craft all day.A hersel also has a fascinating intrest in drugs.They have a resemblance of a turd,bird and Peter griffin.they also love to listen to rap and hip hop and wish they were born in the hood.
This Hershel definition is not a joke its a FACT
by rrrrredfgar May 02, 2010
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Hershel is another word used to describe fecal matter (poop). Hershel is only used for the worst kinds of poops, like the one's that causes your stomach to have cramps.
Guy 1: Are you ready to go?
Guy 2: First I gotta take a mean hershel!

Example 1: Dude I got food poisoning the other night and now I can't stop hersheling.

Example 2: Your a piece of Hershel you son of a bitch.
by keepin it classy! September 03, 2009
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