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Boy: Hey let's hit up taco bell!

Girl: Ah, Sounds great! I'm feeling 2 herp dongs today

Boy: I'll get the 12 for $10
by Alstud420 December 21, 2010
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Game in which ball is flung at a extreme force at the other players while screaming the word " Herpdong!". The game is played within a circle area or a man made circle to where a person can step out if hit with the ball and only if the player calls herpdong before the ball is thrown. The game is played as a team death match game. The rules for the game would be: there is a middle line separating the teams and no player can cross with the exception of the rouge. the rouge player can free roam, he is allowed to leave the circle to receive the ball, and he/she can also go on the enemy side for five seconds. The "out rule" is in effect, where if you step out the circle you are out, however if you are the rouge player you don't get out when you step out. Redemption is when a player that is out throws and hits a player that is inside while screaming "redemption!" and that player gets to come back in the circle, however when the player hits that player during a redemption the player hit doesn't get out,but the player who threw the ball just comes back into the circle. The start of this game the ball is set in the center of the circle and someone performs a countdown. If a player doesn't call herpdong before the ball is thrown and the other player is still but if that player calls herpdong but the ball is caught the player who threw the ball is out. This game played especially well with a ball thats difficult to throw.
Hey the guys and I are going to play a massive game of herpdong you in?
by mikey da-man March 29, 2011
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