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A small, crappy town in the northern part of Virginia. Surprisingly it contains an "old town" district, and is supposed to contain historical landmarks, but Old Town is actually just a few useless shops, a walking path that used to be a mailman walkway, and century old traffic laws.

Herndon's real charm actually emanates from it's local 7-Eleven, where groups of Spanish guys huddle together waiting for a pick up truck to stop and roll down it's window. There are actually so many Spanish people in Herndon that there is almost no street you can turn on without seeing a Spanish woman with a huge stomach in a tiny shirt pushing her nine year old baby around in a stroller. The rich areas are mostly Indian and are the minority. The Indians rarely leave their houses. The Spanish roam and rule the streets. It is pretty safe though because no matter where you are there is always some Spanish guy standing there, staring at you, waiting for something to happen.

The rich Indians never go into the poor Spanish areas, and the Spanish never tread into the Indian suburbs. However, any time there's a parade, fair, or festival, they both can be found walking around together not buying anything.
My cousins Maria, Jose, and Paco live in Herndon, VA.

They're having a fair in Herndon, VA - let's go walk around and not buy anything!

Police officer: "You were going twenty-five in a twenty. The ticket will be $400. Welcome to Herndon, VA."
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by iLIVEinHERNDON July 02, 2018
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