a hermit is usually related to a animal as a hermit crab. but this definition of hermit is when someone is on the computer or playstation for agers you can call them a hermit

Meaning: your a hermit crab and you havnt moved and you just sit there
Person1: i just killed "codlover1424"
Person2: HERMIT
nothing else to be said.

by TurtleMuncher May 08, 2009
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A hermit is a person who is socially awkward or spends most of his/her time alone. Hermits prefer the company’s of themselves
by Chickennuggetsalad October 05, 2019
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Someone who's not in the mood to see anyone. They want to be alone, similar to a hermit in its shell.
Austin: Bro, you see Johnny lately?
Nick: Man, he's been a hermit lately forget it.

Austin: He'll come around.
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by RealBananas January 17, 2019
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A hermit may also be a male with a penis that is much shorter than their testicles when flaccid, representing the animal of the hermit crab.

The penis is suppose to represent a hermit crab hiding away in the shell, which is the testicles.

'Hermit', is used most commonly as an insult without factual evidence, mainly directed at friends as a joking insult, however could become quite personal if the person does own a hermit. The insult would usually be directed if the person does something stupid and would therefore be called a hermit, just like they could be called a idiot, however hermit is a lot worse, but shouldn't be taken seriously.
Mike, you're such a hermit lad

Did you hear, Lucy said Connor's penis is tiny after last night, it looks like a hermit!
by TheP071 February 09, 2018
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