A person who would rather play video games than socialize, meet girls online rather than in a bar, & get delivery instead of going out.
Pat is a hermit because all he does is sit around & play video games all day.
by realfresh123 October 13, 2010
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Hermit- VERB- to go on a hermit.

When a person stays away from a group of friends to try and abstain from substance abuse.
Saving money may also be a good cause to go on a hermit.

usually the person has trouble lasting through the first week. If he/she can go a good length of time (4-8 weeks) he/she can say they do not have a drug problem.

he/she is free to socalise with other groups of friends that do not participiate in drug use each week.
here where is Tommy?

he is on a hermit sure.

mate i wish i could go on a hermit.
by ToxicTommy April 17, 2008
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The Hermit, a third job advancement in Maple Story, is a quick and nimble fighter often associated with high damage and "kill-stealing." Hermits are also called "sins," a shortened form of their inferior selves, the Assassin. The class is infamous in Maple Story, and often considered to be "the most fun class," though such a claim is up to speculation. The most famous skill of a Hermit is to manipulate a shadow who emulates all strikes that the Hermit performs.
"i has lvl 82 hermit i ks u!" Greg threatened, all of his anger burning through his keyboard.
"pfft im lvl 145 u noob," the opposing player retorted.
by BassChan November 03, 2007
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A Hermit is a person who usually does'nt go out..A person who stays in there house(in mountmellick?)..Always seem 'busy' when asked to go out(going 2 d gtach)..Acts shy and rarely talks 2 people...When he does he complains they dont say enough! ;)
Hey 'tommy' wana cum 2 dublin...Nah cant im goin 2 i.c!!!!=

Do you ever go out???NOPE!!!!
Ur such a Hermit...Lol
by ---Sarah June 25, 2009
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someone who stays at home with their boyfriend/girlfriend and never does anything with their friends
Stacy Eastman is a hermit!
by billyjoejohnson April 24, 2003
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