Hermes is a greek olympian God, son of Zeus & Hera. He is also a ‘sexy’ man that plays a game called Critical Ops
RedMCPvP: Hermes played really good in Valiance
MichPlayz: Who? What a Randy ahaha
RedMCPvP: Nah, hes good. Don’t make him steal from you! After all, he is the god of thieves
by JustAndayy August 09, 2018
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A guy who interrupts people with "wait" or "holdup"
Look at that guy, he's being a hermes
by #MamamanSwag October 02, 2017
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Pronounced; (air-mez) Was the Greek god of trade, wealth, luck, thieves, and travel. He was among the cleverest and trickiest Olympian gods. He created the lyre, and was the patron of shepherds. He is often compared to Mercury, Latin Mercuries who was a Roman god. Hermes never had a wife, however, he had eight children, Evander, Hermaphroditus, Myrtilus, Pan, Autolycus, Eudoros, Angelia, and Abderus.
"Hermes if my favorite Greek god because I, too enjoy wealth and trade."
by Bern Cullken January 28, 2021
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A female who has a likelihood of having an appearance of man, and/or has a physical trait which belongs on man. (Moustache, Muscles, etc.) (Noun).
Person 1: Yo Bob, take a look at them fine women working in that office!

Person 2: Don't be silly. They're men.

Person 1 *Looks closely...*

Person 1: Nevermind, they're just Hermes. Let's go fetch the boys for a manwhich.

Person 2: Sounds Like Fun!!!
by YoungHulio November 20, 2020
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