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A subpar private "school" in Oklahoma City where everyone is too rich to work and too stoned to care. Only a handful of graduates have managed to get anywhere in life beyond working at their daddies' law firms/car dealerships or living off their trust funds, and literally 100% of the "successful alumni" live outside of Oklahoma. An incestuous community of losers who will leave the planet worse than they came into it, where football is worshiped and everyone is a lemming. A school you wouldn't send your worst enemies' kids to.
If you go to Heritage Hall and you're capable of reading this, get the hell out while you can and get a damn job. Preferably outside of Oklahoma. Stop pissing away your parents' money.
by mpddddpmgbddmbn September 20, 2012
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Heritage Hall a school located in Oklahoma. The most expensive school in Oklahoma actually. This is a school where football is worshiped over everything else and the Athletic department is he most important to everyone here. Most kids who attend this school are snobby prisses who don’t really like you unless you are one of them, a snobby priss. If you happen to be richer than another family who attends Heritage good for you. You are automatically favored over them. This school also cost thousands of dollars so please do your parents a favor and go litterally anywhere else.
Girl #1: what school is that
Girl #2: oh, that’s Heritage Hall the rich school.
by poorkid65 June 12, 2018
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