The goddess all Percy Jackson fans hate for brainwashing percy and sending him to Camp Jupiter, a camp for roman demigods
by Meeeeeeeeeeeeee5 January 12, 2019
hera is not that common in iceland. ppl with this name are usually artsy and creative, but its very common for girls with these names to be dicks when they are mad but normally they are just tiny little awkward dumb dumbs. they love billie eyelash and opthen look like emo´s but they are just bored so they dye there hair and fuck up there appirance.

hera is a total teddybear and loves to cuddle

loves love and is sensitive. a good word to call them is : hey! chonk come here!
"omg u has so small hands!!"" u a pp brain""u give good hugs"
u such a hera
by pepepopoman September 6, 2019
a pretty looking woman. has a voice thats always the bestest and soothing in a group of people. Befriends only cool people and people love her.
"Man, i love that girl, she's such a hera!"
by youaremymoonpie August 27, 2009
a small ferocious animal wants to sleep in a warm place always... kills for food and anyone that messes with her... if your cats name is hera it will be the softest warmest cat ever
hey dude whats your cats name
hera the cat
awe man can i spend the night
by dhoulmagus June 27, 2018
Hera Kāwhena is a Maori chiefness. She was born on the 10th of August. Rumor has said a reincarnation was born recently.
"have you heard of Hera kāwhena?" " Yeah one of the fiercest chiefnesses in māori history?"
by Nge nge ngu ngu November 24, 2021
my name is something heras
wow your so cool i wish i was u

ik bitch
by abcdefghibitch December 28, 2022
Girls named after the Goddess Hera, usually get her trait of being jealous a lot, causes them to be insecure, they are always misunderstood because of it too. They are loveable and amazing loyal friends, they have their own way of thinking, they tend to live in their minds, are very creative and artistic.

Never hurt them unless you want to be bitten by snakes.

They are healers and advocates. In terms of being in a relationship with them, they will always love you with their hearts, and give you the world, but if you hurt them they will take it all back and leave like you never mattered, but if you are good to a hera, she will surely treasure forever.
Did you know that a hera can be really amazing and terrifying at the same time
by Anthrium June 9, 2021