A Trinidadian Term used to Describe someone who is Gay.
by Thor0_Br3d June 30, 2006
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Hen is a word used as a bird.
But did you know it's also a norwegian expresion ?
"Hen" is also the word for the female sex organ !
by Per Morten April 14, 2005
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horsemen pl; hen abbr pl; ones who ride on their horses
I've never seen so many hen here
by Andrius March 2, 2008
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Once the last child moved out, they were HENs.
by Desertbilly August 30, 2009
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When playing hacky-sack, three people in a row kick the hack once and pass with that very kick.

If only one person does so it is a Brent.

If two people in a row Brent, it is a Douglas.
by Kash A. October 14, 2011
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