the two realist people, if they are a hen&jer you better keep them in ya life!
Bro they found their hen&jer! Lucky ducks!
by CodenameJericho September 25, 2018
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Used by many to describe the act of taking ecstasy and dancing like chickens in a hen.
I wasn't shy of hen dancing last night

I was wrecked. I was dancing like chickens in a hen (aka hen dancing)

by John Mates? April 20, 2007
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A Hen Hen is an abreviation for 'Jack Hennessy.' He is a close look alike to Sam Hepburn.
X: Have you seen Hen Hen today?
Y: Nah he probably went to the pub with Hepburn.
by MrSimpson69420 June 14, 2021
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While most hens don't have a hairy beak this rare occurance happens when chickens have been exposed too much genetically modified organisms in their feed.

Also a varient on the Dirty Sanchez where you replace fecal matter with egg yolks.
You can't give her a Hen Mustache without breaking a few eggs.
by Hen Mustache October 6, 2021
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To finesse someone out of their Hennessy or to cop Henny for the low
1. Bro you seen my Henny? I think I just got Hennessed!
2. I Hennessed the fuck outta that liquor store!
by Jslxsh757 November 28, 2016
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A person named Henning is kind and caring. That's why most people like him immediately. You know when you have a Henning in your life, you have someone who is always there for you. He is a good listener but also gives the best advice.

A Henning is highly intelligent and knows a bunch of random facts. He's really good at his job and everything he does because he's a bit of a perfectionist, really focused on his work.
He knows the best and the worst jokes and will always make you smile. You can be very glad having a Henning on your side.
A Henning is super hot and if you ever have the pleasure of having sex with a Henning it will be the best you will ever have.
Guy 1: Have you met the new guy Henning?
Guy 2: yes, god love that guy!!
by SomeNickname April 3, 2022
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