'Hens' can also be used as a name for weird people.

Individuals names 'Hens' often are great guys who are very social. They will always listen to you but then continue to tell a story that you don't really care about.

People that are nicknamed 'Hens' are also often guys that are great in bed.
Girl 1: Yeah! His name is Hens!
Girl 2: Yeah he is such an amazing guy!
Guy 1: Yeah I was in bed with him yesterday!
by HolloiPoi November 22, 2021
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A Hens is the typical plastic fan. One season he supports Leicester, the other he will be a United fan out of the blue. A Hens can be recognised by the fact that he isn't loyal and supports a new football club every season based on their perfomances in the first couple of games. A real Hens will also deny that he ever supported an other club.
-Wait wasn't that guy a Liverpool fan?
*Yes indeed, but now he is a United fan, cause they started well this season...
-Wow, what a snake, he's such a Hens!
by Clochelny August 19, 2017
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Short for Henlo (hello).

In fast paced world, there is no need for lo.

There is only need for Hen.
Hen, friend.



HEN!! ;)
by Titusandromedon June 20, 2022
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Gender neutral.
A person who has the sole purpose of gossiping/causing conflict and is content with the most basic and fundamental material. Hens create close knit groups quickly so they don't have to interact with others who do not gossip or passive aggressively segregate themselves. Social media, cheesy mugs with only a quote and Mean Girls references are quick identifiers.
1) Steve was informed that Veronica is a Hen. Veronica later that day talked shit about everyone they work with but comments at least no one here is ugly. Veronica refuses to assist Steve while she instructs him on how to do things; Meanwhile she searches for a top for her upcoming party where she hates the host but her friends are going so she should at least pop up.

"Don't worry about the office Hen. Once they get to know you, it'll be not as uncomfortable."
by December 24, 2020
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A pal who is sound as fuck. Also commonly used in Scottish slang to describe a female.
"Do you know Iona Hall?"
"She's an absolute hen."
by Iona A Hall January 18, 2019
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A logical way of saying “now” so the words “when” and “then” are consistent with the words “where”, “there”, and “here”.
by awmm December 20, 2018
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