stoner: have you got a Henry VIII?
dealer:yeah man. 20 a bag
by cefner la January 23, 2007
King of England. He is known for marrying seven women. Two of which were beheaded for a variety of reasons. He also attempted to remove the Catholic Church from England through widespread destruction, looting and executions. The greatest threat to his rule was a revolt know as "The Pilgrimage of Grace" who were led by Robert Aske. Due to Henry VIII's ruthlessness and powers of deception the ringleaders were eventually rounded up and executed.
Won the Battle of The Spurs against the French and declared "Defender of The Faith" by the Pope, a title that Monarchs in England still hold to this day.
He is remembered as a tyrant but arguably did much to add legitimacy to the crown after years of bloody civil war between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists.
Henry VIII was the King of England.

Henry VIII created the Church of England.

Henry VIII was a strong, yet murderous, ruler.
by Tyburn December 7, 2007
To Henry VIIIth someone, A verb, meaning to divorce and/or behead someone.
I got so mad yesterday i almost Henry VIIIth'd Sebastian yesterday
by Future_Caeser November 28, 2019
the art of choppin off the heads of wives
guy : he totally just pulled a Henry VIII
also guy: bit disturbing you saw that
by LadyElizabeth March 18, 2022