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Bottle of Hennessy VSOP Privilege
Lets get a bottle of hendog and get drunk!

I was on that hendog all night.

Hendog and trees.
by au yeah May 01, 2009
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Hennessy an alcoholic beverage, a nickname for it used in the hood.
yo leroy what we drinking tonight, "hen dog" yea dat yack
by bert2 July 22, 2005
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A member of the Hendrikx family, Dutch descent or married to, mostly residing in Southern California and directly related to Eric Hendrikx.
Let's go hang with Hendog tonight. He's dopetastic.
by Phureelz January 23, 2009
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a big tough guy who acts a bit pussyish
can i borrow your 100 kg wieghts.
meh, i dont know, i just dont know.
by Craig Richardson October 23, 2003
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Any older bald man who is and absolute legend absolute legend. Has 5+ jobs. People grow up wanting to be exactly like him. Lets everyone in the room know he's the alpha male.
Ravell: Yo dude Frank is crazy. He has like 7 different jobs
Zack: He's really becoming your average hendog
by DarthSkrub June 03, 2017
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