weird loud nice to teachers but not students
What the hell you're so fuckin annoyingg
by bewjhkop[jaghfcgyu8y February 25, 2021
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when you are stupit with no manners and you whant evry one that didnt know so to know it now say it arouend peaple
you cood say what the hell for exsample you whant to bring out a strong pouint
by pro bb December 18, 2016
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rethorical question
"Who the hell is you?!"
Taunt by inhabitant of a greater city within verbal dispute
Could also be directed to a group in order to disapprove the power of such, which might usualy be a concern considering the numbers, due to the transformation of the grammatically correct word "are" (Plural) to "is" (Singular).
by Wordywoodismorningood April 10, 2019
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What someone says when they want to know why their life is hell.

what did you expect?
by uh..... wat April 15, 2021
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Wikipedia Hell is neither mere idea nor unknown reality, though it is as close to both as a benevolent razor to a neck. It exists as much as Facebook or your email address, less than poplar trees, Autumn, red wheelbarrows, and raindrops, and more than the color red or Communism. While it is supposed that Jesus can visit the page, as easily as any, visitors cannot find Jesus' Wikipedia page from here. Theoretically Jesus would also be unable to visit his own page.
Dude, I can't get to Jesus from this Wikipedia page. I must be in Wikipedia Hell.
by The Real Astan October 05, 2013
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