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A racial slur derogatory towards black people that originated in China, but is widely used by the Asian population in Cleveland Ohio. It means "nigger" in mandarin.
Racist Chinese Guy: I'm tired of these Hei Guis selling drugs on our street corners
Other Racist Chinaman: Ya, they cause all of the crime in the neighborhood.
by PJ Judsun February 09, 2017
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Hei Gui (黑鬼)is the Chinese equivalent to the word nigger, it translates to “black devilreferencing typical nigger behaviour such as crime and violence
Chang: fucking hei gui keeps robbing my store
Police officer: oh, you must be referring to that nigger chimp Tyrone who keeps committing crime and bitching about it when he gets shot
by Niggermania May 29, 2018
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Chink: Yo I went heigui hunting yesterday!!!

Nigger: Yo fo shizzle whatz up mah yellow friend?
Chink: Your such a fucking heigui.
Nigger: Whatthefuckyoutalkinboutson?
Chink: Nigger.
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